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Hoa Phuong JSC


Add: 104/147  - DINH DONG -  LE CHAN - HAI PHONG

Tel : 0313 854 586

Nguyen Trong Nguyen, a good example for economic development, enrich the legitimate king in the city. Hai Phong. Former employees, executive production manager Song Cam shipyard - Hai Phong, the transport ministry. 30 years working at the factory, the 20 years he was promoted to the emulation soldiers grassroots level, many donated by the paper slot of chairman Ken Hai Phong City and the Ministry of Transportation awarded
Promote the spirit of emulation soldiers, when he retired in economic organization, contributing to poverty reduction for his family and neighbors encouraged her to follow conhang. Himself a hobby bonsai collection from when he was at Song Cam shipyard has thick of research, education center at the cork and the lessons learned from the local tradition of bonsai, the art plant such as Nam Dinh - Ha Noi to learn and affiliates produce goods. He wanted to craft merely ornamental art became emperor and proceed to export goods.
In early 1987, he and his family hang white farmers, artisans, Nam Dinh, Hung Yen, Thai Binh .... Effort has contributed to the organization of production, restoration of the product leaving the previous generation, contributing to rebuilding the traditional crafts and products of this rare, over time since 1989 when he was applying for company specializing in ornamental art. This is the first model in the North at
that time about the stuffy art plants. Mr. Dao and An-presidents signed the City decide to establish a company and named it "Company Flamboyant tree," from htj this person, in the commune gradually up to 500 families enrolled ttap ornamental plants and create a tradition for local abundance, contributing significantly to poverty alleviation in the locality. To date, the company Flamboyant has created jobs for 25 direct employees and 500 workers on average incomes by seasonal labor efficiency of each person, trained team of skilled technical workers, many the level of folk artists, with a particular tree branch.
More than 20 years Flamboyant company has rise up and assert the brand, reputation, with typical projects carried out in Hai Phong and other northern provinces, as the typical: monuments and female garden wall Le Chan , University of Medicine, University City Library every Haim, launch ships, the Vietnamese cultural counterfeit Czech .. in Haiphong. The company also designs and garden improvement, ecosystem Express Post International Airport, assigned to the design and installation of the main plants in Ho Chi Minh Museum - Ha Noi









Hoa Phuonng companies are rated as excellent units, the State Board of emulation by recording the construction of Ho Chi Minh Museum - Ha Noi, Nguyen Trong Nguyen individual director is Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan awarded outage Red Flamboyant has now reached gold medal "For the Green Industry," is honored to receive tens of Merit of the City